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Hi, I'm Mak. I'm a leadership coach for new managers who knows what it's like to be filled with overwhelm, self-doubt and terror that I’d let everyone down. My Story

  1. […] So much of our communication comes through nonverbal cues, and it’s usually the thing that’s hardest to hide. So while your team might not say it, chances are they are giving off how they feel through their body language. If they never smile in your presence, make solid eye contact with you, or cross their arms in a very distant way every time they talk to you, their body is transmitting that they don’t respect you as a leader. What you can do in these scenarios is just ask, are you comfortable now? What can I do to help you feel more relaxed? Lending a hand and recognizing that you’re willing to change something will help ease them up and hopefully build a bridge for an honest conversation. […]