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Supercharge your revenue growth, outperform your competition and retain your high-performance employees by transforming your managers into high-impact leaders. 

Accelerate your managers

management training for organizations

Here's what this means for your business:
  • Loss of productivity = 18% of their annual salary for those still working. 
  • Replacing workers = 0.5 to 2.0 times the employee's annual salary. 
  • Cost to the business: $9,000 a year to keep EACH disengaged worker and up to $100,000 to replace them*.

*Figures are based on average salaries as reported

up to 80% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged.

According to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report,

Lack of executive functioning skills 

Siloed departments

Lack of structure, tools, and resources

Ineffective feedback leading to performance management issues

Team communication struggles

Organizations work with me to guide them to solve the following problems:


Participants will learn the blueprint to navigating tough conversations, encourage behavioural change and shift performance. 

Engage in tough conversations

Participants will learn the 3-step process to purpose driven delegation that achieves desired outcomes.

Empower teams through delegation

Participants will learn how to create next level standards and systems to drive a culture of performance and accountability. 

Provide Clarity 

Participants will learn 4 practical trust accelerators they can instantly embed into their daily practice that will enable them to influence and direct team members.

Build Relationships for Influence and Trust

Participants will learn the mindset required to become an inspirational leader while growing in their emotional intelligence skills and communication skills. 

The Foundations of Leadership 

Managers are trained on the
Elevate Team Performance Framework ™ 

A customized live intensive and interactive training that will fast-track the development of your managers by transforming them into leaders who inspire their teams to achieve high-impact results.​

Management Training that Fuels Results

- Michelle C, Executive Director

"Our leadership team was primarily consistent of first time managers and directors that had transitioned from direct line staff to management. They needed to learn how to be effective managers and how to work together as a team to accomplish the goals of the organization. The training sessions Mak held opened up conversations and helped the team get to the root of challenges and provided clear steps they could take in improving their skills and build trust with one another. I learned so much about my leadership team and where we needed to invest additional energy. I watched members of the leadership team really blossom through this training and those who could not comply, left the organization during this process. Showing your team that you are willing to invest in them builds trust and loyalty that cannot be accomplished any other way!"

"Mak's leadership training is a valuable tool to create a leadership team that can handle the challenges of running an organization."

- Lucy F, VP of Housing and Program Services

"With 30 years of “supervisory”experience, I attended Impact Leadership training to support my program managers and directors in their journey of becoming good leaders. What I didn’t know is I was in for a rude awakening! Participating in Makeda’s training showed me that I was supervising people all of these years but not really leading them. Leading is not just receiving updates, occasional uplifts, and offering support. Leading is taking a journey with a team member and developing a trusting relationship that results in that team member feeling empowered and supported to be effective in their work while giving that same energy to their team. I highly recommend this training for anyone who has a goal of being a better leader!"

"I highly recommend this training for anyone who has a goal of being a better leader!"

Great to have you here :) I'm a leadership and team-building coach who guides first-time managers to navigate the common challenges and pitfalls that can make or break the critical transition from individual contributor to team leader. I'm an ardent believer that managers are the linchpin of the organization and have the power to change lives every day through their leadership and example.

With over 15 years of experience as a mentor, guide, manager and leadership coach, I am now on a mission to help more new managers infuse their personal values, personality and vibe into their leadership style so that they can better lead their teams and produce outstanding results. 

I’m Mak! I have a strong belief that well-trained leaders are the linchpins to business success.

trusted by:


- Avrielle M. Execute/Operations Lead

Mak was the exact person we needed at the time, as she helped us see that everything is top down. If we wanted great team members, we needed to be great managers. Now thanks to the program our team can confidently move forward knowing we have the tools we need to be the best managers we can be.

Join the program! You won't regret it. Mak is instrumental to any team who is learning to lead their team members well. She is extremely knowledgeable and breaks the information down in ways everyone can understand. She is patient, kind, and an excellent communicator. You will be thankful you joined.

"Our CEO, knew that since we were all becoming new managers, we needed Mak to give us the tools we needed to be great managers to the team members we are leading."

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Here are some common questions I’m asked. Find the answers you're looking for:


We’re already drowning right now and I’m worried that committing to this is only going to make things worse. How long does it take?

Real talk: The fact you’re drowning tells me that you need some help, urgently. Because despite what you may see plastered over the internet, constantly being busy, rushed, putting out fires and feeling pulled in a million directions ISN’T a healthy or effective way to run a business.

Yes, this will require some time from you and your team, but it won’t be taking away from your work - it’s directly applied TO your work. We’ll be looking for ways to immediately increase everyone’s efficiency, productivity and communication skills so you start experiencing ease as well as results.

My managers/team haven’t told me anything is wrong. What if this is a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

I want you to put yourself in the shoes of your manager right now. What are the chances that they want to admit to any sort of struggle/uncertainty/lack of confidence? They desperately want to impress you and keep their job, so they’d probably sooner drown than admit they’re drowning.

This may feel like an optional extra, but the cold hard truth is that if you want to run your business in a way that you continue growing at this rate, keeping your clients happy, holding onto team members AND maintaining your mental health. This work needs to happen. Soon.

I have more than one untrained manager, can I enroll multiple leaders in this program?

Yes! It’s important that all of your managers are trained in a consistent manner that is in alignment with your business strategy, goals and vision. The synergy created by having all leaders trained in the same manner will accelerate the growth of your company even more!


- kelly, executive director

Her approach to organizational development is a breath of fresh air. It is rare to find a leader who is equally skilled in performance metrics and developing people. After working with Mak, our team has an assortment of grounding documents, management tools, and a staff (at every level) who understands how they are part of the way forward. The real genius in her work is not simply the tools (although they have been transformative for our team), but how she helps you contextualize the tools for your organization. Our team trusts Mak - and that has made a way for significant professional development and provided our Executive Leadership Team much needed breathing room.

"Mak's solutions are practical, holistic, and robust. She is skilled in empowering managers to lead well."