If questions like that currently take up most of your thought space, welcome, friend! You’re in the right place at the right time and you’re anything but alone. Leading a team isn’t easy. And the fact you’re reading this means you’re probably trying to do it with little to no support, guidance, instruction or even feedback, making it 100X more overwhelming, difficult and scary.

“What did they see in me and how long ‘til they realize they made a huge mistake?”


You’re not ready to give up (even if it’s tempting). And that’s enough for me to know that you’re 100% capable of success. 

But here’s what else that tells me:

But the reason I became a coach in the first place is because I’ve been there too. When I landed my first leadership role I had no idea what I was doing. And while the promotion should have excited me, I was immediately filled with terror along with a crushing pressure to NOT LET ANYONE DOWN. 

I was so insecure and lacked the confidence to speak up because I was so concerned about people liking me (people pleasers, unite!) so I let a lot of people walk over me. I’d keep my mouth shut in meetings because I thought that if I was quiet, people wouldn’t realize I had no idea what I was talking about. 

As a leadership coach for new managers, I’ve heard from hundreds of new managers who have all been in the same boat as you. 

Hi, I'm Mak - and no, I'm not a mind reader.

"Because your confidence is making you ineffective. It's making you ineffective with your team because you're not having tough conversations. And it's making you ineffective on this leadership team, because you're not stepping up and using your voice. So let’s talk about who Makeda is and how she can show up as the best leader she can be.”

“Mak, we need to work on your confidence."

That is, until my boss called me out…

 I created an intentional team culture based on respect, motivation and fun. I watched my team develop and later on take leadership roles themselves. My decisions as a leader began to spread throughout the entire company and opened the door for more opportunities.

In my years at the company I was able to scale a 4-person team into a 25-person department. 

And he also knew what it was going to take for me to unlock it. Turns out it was less about learning “management skills” and more about personal development. Because I started to notice that the more I worked on myself - really focusing on developing self-awareness and self-belief - the less I was stressing about what people thought of me and second-guessing my every decision. Instead I was able to show up with kindness, generosity and empathy… all of which naturally made me a better leader.

As much as it stung, he was doing this because he saw the potential in me that I couldn’t yet see in myself.

Having a mentor who believed in me and pushed me beyond what I’d thought was possible changed everything. And that’s why I’ve now dedicated my career to being that mentor to future leaders like you. 

Which brings me back to YOU.


- KATRINA, Compliance & Audit Manager

I felt very lost. I didn't have that support system that I was hoping to have — it was uncharted territory. Before NMA I was working 15 hours a day because half of it was me trying to figure out how to deal with something I didn't know. I was doing Google searches, I was on YouTube, reading books that had ‘new manager’ in the title.. I've gotten a lot from the program but the most impactful thing that has driven results for me on my team is definitely confidence. It was quite the challenge to get that trust from them. But the trust had to start with trusting myself and knowing that I could do the work because there were days where I felt completely defeated. And there's no way that if I'm defeated, I can show up for my team in the way that they needed me to show up. And then for the first time ever in my career, I actually got a bonus. I think it just speaks to how much I’d grown and that I'm going in the right direction. I committed to it and I took the steps that I needed to get there and for someone else to recognize that. 

"For the first time in my career I actually got a bonus."


The New Manager Accelerator is our signature group coaching program that removes all the guesswork out of managing your team while helping you develop your skills, confidence and unique leadership style so you’re not just seen as a manager, you’re looked up to as a trusted mentor and recognized for the impact you make.

Ready to step into your own leadership potential?

I believe life's too short to not bring fun, joy and laughter in everything I do. This means taking my job seriously but myself lightly, finding joy in the small things, looking for ways to make things fun for my clients, and understanding that being professional doesn't mean having no personality!


I believe in taking ownership of everything I do which means striving for excellence, aiming to exceed expectations, and serving others while also taking care of self. This also means being accountable, following through on our commitments, taking responsibility for the outcomes, being unafraid to ask questions or receive feedback and happily adjusting our viewpoint when presented with accurate new information.


I believe clarity is crucial to forward movement and as well in solving root causes rather than symptoms. This means clarifying before responding, asking smart questions, setting clear expectations, and communicating with clarity when something needs improvement.


I believe in the importance of assessing the way I do things so we can find opportunities to optimize, refine and improve. This means dedicating time to this process and even challenging traditions because just because it's always been done a certain way doesn't mean it has to continue if it no longer makes sense.


I believe that people should be able to bring their entire selves to work and that true leaders care about the people they work with. This means showing genuine interest in others, observing keenly and listening carefully to understand what they need, and offering practical help when it's in our power to do so.


The core values I live (and work) by:

I have a serious obsession with FRIENDS the TV show. It's baaad.

I love me some colour, the brighter, the bolder the better!

Mango is my favorite fruit. I can’t live without it. The dog, or the fruit.

I have a goldendoodle named Mango! 

Oh, and speaking of fun...

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And I’m not just being modest when I say I still pinch myself about the opportunities I’ve had to share my message and impact lives on such a large scale. In case you’re curious, here are some recent highlights. Oh, and if you’re interested in having me speak at your event or on your platform, please get in touch - I’d love to hear from you.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m obsessed with what I do. 

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Wondering what it takes to go from feeling unconfident, overwhelmed and impostery to confident, calm and excited to show up at work each day? I created this masterclass to break it all down for you - from the biggest mistakes new managers make and why they happen through to an intro of the Elevate Team Performance™ framework (aka that instruction manual you were hoping to find!)

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