New Manager Checklist You Need to Survive The First Week

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Hi, I'm Mak. I'm a leadership coach for new managers who knows what it's like to be filled with overwhelm, self-doubt and terror that I’d let everyone down. My Story

  1. Jay H. says:

    Luckily for me, I’ve been documenting all of:

    The processes I follow.
    The processes I will revise and implement.
    The daily & weekly tasks (diligently or otherwise) completed.
    The internal and external partners I regularly connect with and how they are connected to my role, affiliated departments as well as the business.
    The high level projects I manage and participate in.
    Lastly, the IT systems, networks and technical aspects I utilize.
    I’ve even incorporated the applicable theories and practices utilized on my own accord.

    Your expertise are really laid out and make for logical application!